What Is An Army Wife

What Is An Army Wife – Military spouses are a unique breed. We are one of the support systems behind the US military. We face mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting situations… all because we fell in love with a man in uniform.

Today’s military spouse has even more issues to deal with. We are criticized for our opinions, our looks, even the stickers on our car. But we are stronger, louder and we deal with a lot of crap these days. Here are 50 things only a military spouse would understand.

What Is An Army Wife

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Dual Military Couples Share Experience Of Deploying Together

My name is JD. A lot has happened in my life in a few years. I like to write about things that are important to me. I write about the daily challenges of being a working mother and a military wife. I am inspired by my family, friends and the amazing adventures I can have.

Subscribe to receive my latest and greatest articles! I promise never to misuse your inbox or sell your information. It rejects. She turned her head towards me and uttered the words I feared the most: “You knew what you were getting into, didn’t you?”

I always hate being asked this question, because in a way I knew what military life was like – frequent moves, separations, and the general feeling that life is like a revolving door.

But at the same time, I really didn’t know. Take marriage for example: you have an idea of ​​what your relationship will be like years later, but you don’t fully understand it until it covers your entire house in vomit for the third time this week.

Essay: Reclaiming My Ambition From My ‘job’ As Military Wife

The same goes for the parents. You can read every book on child discipline and prepare for years, but nothing really prepares you for a child throwing poop on your head until you experience it first hand.

Another perfect example is going to college and getting your first job. You’re learning and intend to knock your first job out of the park, but inevitably, you’ll crash, make mistakes, and make clients “question your skills.”

It is full of unexpected surprises at every turn. Before I became a military wife, these are 47 things I never thought about…

I’m Lauren, the wife of a military man and a leading Listening Language® parent coach. I write about my wild adventures as parents, finding happiness in motherhood and navigating the ups and downs of military life. I spend my days heating up coffee while chasing my kids around the house. Wait a bit and enjoy!

What Being A Military Wife Really Means As Explained In Gifs

I have already found useful tips to help my partner. I feel connected even though life in the Navy prevents us from spending time together before deployment arrives. Excellent course!”

I am more confident in myself. Now I have tools under my belt to solve things instead of feeling helpless. I loved the videos…hearing Lauren’s side and her personal experience using the tools she gave us. Thanks! Lauren, you reassured me that there are tools and ways to overcome it! Congratulations, you just married the love of your life! Oh, by the way, he’s in the military and every aspect of your life will change drastically whether you like it or not.

There is much more to the military lifestyle than just marrying a man in uniform. Being married to a military man can bring amazing new changes to a new military wife. Here are 12 things you can expect during your first years of marriage.

– An important note, that after a few years of marriage, all these points will not surprise military spouses.

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18 Things Military Wives (Secretly) Want to Tell Their Wives 18 Things Military Wives (Secretly) Want to Tell Their Husbands 50 Things Only a Military Spouse Will Understand How to Budget for Military Families: 10 Big Mistakes to Fix Now

My name is JD. A lot has happened in my life in a few years. I like to write about things that are important to me. I write about the daily challenges of being a working mother and a military wife. I am inspired by my family, friends and the amazing adventures I can have.

Subscribe to receive my latest and greatest articles! I promise never to misuse your inbox or sell your information. That’s just rude. Emily couldn’t stop smiling when she was reunited with Travis at the Texarkana Regional Airport on July 8.

Women seem to be master multi-taskers. I’ve been a full-time working mom, a part-time working mom, an online working mom, with three kids, two cats, and last year, a group of seven “Covid Chickens.” Some of my titles are mom, librarian, soccer coach and dance mom, and family cook, cleaner, calendar organizer. But add in the fact that I am the wife of a US Army reservist, and I have more on my plate than I can handle on my own. While I originally did not expect to live in a small town where I did not grow up, along with a husband who is far out of town, living in Atlanta, Texas has been A blessing to our family.

Most Surprising Things For A New Military Wife

During our 18 years of marriage, my husband has been activated or trained for months and weeks at random. Sometimes I was alone, sometimes I was pregnant, sometimes I took more time off than I should have with a sick baby at home, sometimes I saved while we missed you at Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, holidays, dance recitals and race meets. Once it’s gone, I can count on the washer, dryer or pet to die. We have a binder he prepared with contact lists for the electrician, the plumber, the auto repair, and a more serious note: his power of attorney and will.

During his deployment in support of the “Freedom Sentinel” during November 2020 to July 2021, Sergeant R. Travis Ransom received the Bronze Star while serving as a senior enlisted advisor in the training and deployment of a formation that included 427 soldiers and 87 employees. He will have served 25 years in the United States Army Reserve in May 2022.

Other difficult parts of the deployment are the back and forth. For several weeks before departure, the soldiers’ minds are on the mission. They begin to distance themselves from the family as they mentally and physically prepare to leave. Homecoming is good and bad. Everyone is happy and relieved that the soldier is safe, but now the family is used to doing everything without him, and he doesn’t know where to fit in. The process to a new normal takes time. The soldier and the family members had different experiences during the preparation and they are not quite the same people as they were before. Who should pay the bills, take out the trash, do the laundry? Walking on steps, the children are in new stages of life, the furniture has been rearranged… it takes time for us to grow together again as a family.

Travis with all three girls during a surprise homecoming party held in his honor on August 24 in Crossties.

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While Travis has traveled the world several times, from Bosnia to Thailand to Germany and most recently, Afghanistan, I have had the advantage (or disadvantage) of staying home. If he was in the active US military (full time), we would live on a military base like Fort Hood, Fort Bliss or overseas on a foreign post. I love to travel and sometimes wish I had the built-in support system of other military families living together on regular trips. But what Being in a small town with no other military wives is stability. We don’t have to change homes and schools every three years. I have family in Texas who help and support me. continues his military service.

Sometimes the well-intentioned questions are frustratingly repetitive: “How’s Travis? Have you heard from Travis? When he gets back, will he retire from the military? Over and over we say, “He’s fine and wants to stay in the reserves until he’s kicked out into old age!” Kids don’t like to be reminded that he’s not here and that he misses things. Some days you cry. Others, you can talk to him and get excited.

Travis Coit’s son, a graduate student at the University of Texas at Arlington, enjoyed seeing his father during Travis’ homecoming party in August. It was the first time the two had been together since Thanksgiving.

I thought that after all these years, when the kids are older and more independent, this deployment would be easier. He left around Thanksgiving and two days before Christmas I stepped on the sidewalk and broke my foot and ankle. Add to that Snowpocalypse

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