Salvation Army Donations Near Me

Salvation Army Donations Near Me – A Salvation Army donation center was robbed this past weekend, and donations left by residents to gift children and seniors during the holiday season have disappeared.

The Salvation Army already had hundreds of angels in need of adoption as Christmas presents – usually all of them now adopted – when the donation center was cleaned out over the weekend.

Salvation Army Donations Near Me

Surveillance video shows a man passing out bags through a window at a donation center on Presto Lane in Jackson. According to Salvation Army officials, people have cleaned out what they call the “doghouse” that fills up on weekends around Christmas. The donation center allows people to donate at any time.

Meet The Greatest Need

Weekend donations are usually sorted on Monday morning, but when workers went to sort them, everything was gone, said Lt. Matt Hedgren.

Several surveillance cameras focused on the area captured a man in a black hoodie through a window where he was pulling a bag out of the doghouse. Outside cameras caught someone taking a bicycle and other items from outside the arrivals center.

“These donations are essential to what we do and how we serve people in this community,” said Hedgren.

A large suburban-style SUV parks in the parking lot outside the donation center and is seen reversing out of the driveway instead of back to the exit.

Salvation Army Accepting Angel Tree Donations Through Dec. 5

“We want to know if the police are investigating you for trying to steal from The Salvation Army,” Hedgren said. “This morning we came with a challenge to fill 300 angels for seniors and children, toys and gifts for the community, but instead we were faced with a theft situation. It’s really heartbreaking.”

Whether it’s a donation from a donation center or a red kettle outside a store, people who steal from The Salvation Army don’t know if they realize they’re stealing someone else’s Christmas, Hedgren said.

“Helping people in our Angel Tree program and helping our shelter, there is a face and a witness behind everything we do,” she said. “They are taking away from our community.”

Development director Jennifer Stanley said the donation isn’t just for Christmas. They also help fund outreach projects such as educational enrichment and utility payment programs.

Salvation Army In Need Of Donations

Stores sell everything from clothing to exercise equipment and furniture, Hedgren said, and Christmas decorations sell well at this time of year. Donations can be dropped off at one of the drop-off locations or by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY.

“We pray for them and we know they’re probably going through something, but we want them to know it’s not that difficult,” Hedgren said. “The Salvation Army is for people who are going through hard times.” Hopefully, in time, they will come to us first as a service organization rather than a steal.”

The Salvation Army’s Presto Lane office was robbed in May 2015 when someone went to the donation center and slung a plastic bag over the camera. In 2012, someone threw a rock through the window of a Salvation Army van, hit the curb, assaulted and robbed the driver.

If you have information about this or other crimes, call JPD at 601-960-1234 or Crime Stoppers at 601-355-TIPS (8477). Send a text message to 847411, type “JPD”, enter your advice details and click “send”. You can also submit a tip online by clicking the tip web link on the Central MS Crime Stoppers website. The Salvation Army’s bell campaign stalls as many stores close The charity’s ‘Red Kettle’ campaign is likely to bring in half of last year’s donations, with stores and malls across the country less busy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Twin Cities Salvation Army Behind About $1.8 Million On Christmas Fundraising

The Salvation Army Red Kettle campaign is expecting smaller donations and volunteers this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Hide Caption Charles Rex Arbogast/AP

The Salvation Army Red Kettle campaign is expecting smaller donations and volunteers this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Salvation Army bells outside malls and stores across the United States are a great holiday tradition. But this year, with the coronavirus pandemic taking hold and many stores closing, people won’t be able to hear as many bells.

The charity relies on the Red Kettle Campaign to raise enough money to help millions of Americans during the holiday season. It is true that many people are unemployed and suffering financially, especially this year. With store traffic and red kettle donations dwindling, the charity is turning to technology and enthusiastic volunteers to keep the tradition going.

No Cash? Salvation Army Now Accepting Mobile Donations

In 1891, Salvation Army Captain Joseph McPhee was concerned about the number of people who were starving in San Francisco. He decided to give people a free Christmas dinner. McPhee raised money and set up a pot at the Auckland ferry terminal with the sign ‘Keep the pot boiling’. Since then, the tradition has continued.

Last year, Salvation Army bell ringers raised $126 million. But through 2020, clothing donations increased despite a sharp drop in cash donations due to the pandemic.

The Salvation Army’s national commander, Kenneth Hodder, said: “At the moment, we expect the red kettle campaign to generate around 50% less revenue than last year.”

He said that while donors have made generous contributions online, the money coming in is not enough to meet The Salvation Army’s holiday needs. Therefore, the organization will rely on more online efforts than ever before.

Achieva Credit Union To Collect Donations For The Salvation Army

“We can’t do everything we need to do unless we find different ways for the community to support our work,” Hodder said.

The Red Kettle campaign will continue this year and all volunteers will be required to wear masks and practice social distancing. Donors don’t have to touch the kettle if they don’t want to. Each kettle will have a QR code so people can donate electronically using their smartphones. The organization is also creating different ways for people to donate, including the red kettle challenge. It allows people to donate online or ring a virtual bell.

“Last year, The Salvation Army served about a million meals a week across the country,” he said. “In the last seven months during the pandemic, we have prepared more than 100 million meals.”

Consider this, as millions of Americans can’t get enough to eat at epidemic relief booths in DC.

Salvation Army Thrift Store In West Chester To Close

About 2.5 million people come to The Salvation Army for help over the holidays, Hodder said. This year, the organization budgeted an additional four million.

“So we’re looking at 6.6 million people who can’t pay rent, can’t pay utilities, can’t buy Christmas presents for their kids, can’t put food on the table and other issues,” Hodder said. “These are all people who need our help.”

The Salvation Army relies on money from its stores to help with the holiday season, but this year will be different as many of those stores are closed due to the pandemic.

“The stores are an important part of The Salvation Army,” Hodder said. “They help provide general Salvation Army services, rent, utilities, food assistance and financial support for our main facilities.”

Salvation Army Of Greater Houston ‘desperately’ Needs Donations For Christmas Gifts, Freeze Assistance, And More

During pandemic-related closures, Hodder believes that the cash donations the organization has received are not enough to replace what stores usually bring.

Some locations have allowed the red kettles to be turned off early, but this year some retailers have limited the number of days their organizations can spend in front of stores, said Donald Domann, Major at The Salvation Army in Hampton Roads. Wa.

Typically, the red cauldron campaign in your area starts the first weekend in November. But this year, some retailers wanted to delay it until Thanksgiving due to coronavirus safety concerns.

“We’re basically missing the bell,” Doman said. “I’m a little worried because there are so few volunteers.”

Donations Needed At The Salvation Army Thrift Store To Support Moncton

He said Black Friday weekend is often a big one for Kettles. But due to the pandemic, some retailers are not participating in Black Friday, reducing traffic.

And the shortage of national currencies makes the situation worse. “People usually put change in the kettle, but if it’s not there, they might not donate,” Domann said.

Another concern of The Salvation Army is the annual Angel Tree program. Corporations and individuals can adopt these angels for families, children and seniors to buy Christmas gifts from angels’ wish lists. Lieutenant Shantel Millin, a Salvation Army officer in the Houston area, said the number of angels adopted has already dropped compared to previous years.

“We honestly trust and believe that our community will get through this. We usually do that,” he said. “This year has been difficult for everyone, especially for our children.

Salvation Army Thrift Stores Enfield, Ct 06082

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