How Do I Join The Army Reserves

How Do I Join The Army Reserves – SPC Nicholas Laboy, an Army Reserve soldier with the 416th Theater Engineer Command, poses on the observation deck of the Chicago Stock Exchange headquarters during a photo shoot designed to promote the Science Partnerships, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with the Reserve Forces. society (Surgeon 1st Class Michael Sauret/US Army)

Citizens of the Army Reserve have a dual mission: helping communities and supporting regular soldiers. The Army Reserve is open to freshmen and those who have previously served in any other branch.

How Do I Join The Army Reserves

To join the Army Reserves, you must be a US citizen or alien between the ages of 17 and 27. Seventeen year olds need parental consent. You must have a high school diploma and no more than two dependents. In addition, you must take and pass the ASVAB test and an entrance medical exam at the processing station.

How To Become An Army Officer

From the boardroom to the field, Army ROTC can help you discover the leader within, pay for college, and secure a job after graduation.

Reserve Officer Training Corps: Hundreds of colleges and universities offer Army ROTC as an elective course for college credit. Through the ROTC, the Army offers merit-based scholarships in addition to a monthly stipend for living expenses. There is no commitment to ROTC, at least for the first year. So, students don’t hesitate to take a course and see if becoming an army officer is right for them. The leadership and management training provided by ROTC can serve as a foundation for future success in a civilian career. For more information, visit Army ROTC.

Enrollment Assistance: The Air Force Reserve offers you enrollment assistance. You can receive up to 100% tuition assistance of up to $250 per semester hour or $166 per quarter hour, not to exceed $4,500 per year per service member. For more information about this program, see the Tuition Assistance Overview.

Loan Repayment Program: The Army Reserve helps Soldiers pay off their past student loans if they attend school with an approved Perkins, Stafford or other guaranteed student loan from the Department of Education. Soldiers can qualify to repay the loan at a rate of 15% of the loan each year they meet reserve rights. Working 38 days a year does not provide these benefits.

Army Reserve Age Limit Raised To 52

College credit by exam: Reserve members can take advantage of free College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests. For each test you pass in a particular subject, you get three transferable university credits.

College Credit Earned: You can attend college and serve in the Army Reserves at the same time. Many schools offer college credit for training and experience.

Education and Learning Facilities: Most military posts have education counselors who help soldiers identify their goals and determine how to get there in the Army’s continuing education system. Counseling services include academic and career planning, CLEP testing, enrollment assistance, college application processing, and financial aid counseling.

Foreign languages ​​– Most schools have language labs where you can learn or brush up on new languages. The Army has language schools that offer more in-depth and specialized training for people interested in performing tasks that require linguistic knowledge.

Army Reserve — Today’s Military

Skills Training — The Army Reserve provides training in approximately 200 specialties. You don’t need to join the military full-time to reap the benefits of skills training. The Army Reserve is full of “part-timers” who are learning skills to enhance their current careers or prepare for a new one.

The Army Reserve carries out its promotions based on a system of selection, training, promotion and assignment. Achievement and professionalism are the criteria people face. The person then attends professional development courses before being promoted to a position of higher responsibility.

Prior Service: The career path for prior service to enlist in the Army Reserve is similar to the regular Army, ranging from ranks E-1 to E-9. In most cases, if you were discharged at the rank of E-6 or below, the Reserves can place you at the same rank.

If you are enlisted in prior service and want to earn a commission, the Army Reserve may be right for you. As included in prior service, you are encouraged to take on advanced leadership roles. The Officer Candidate School option is also available during this period, allowing candidates to continue their civilian careers. Training usually takes place over one weekend per month and two 14-day periods.

The Army Reserve

Apply for this program before your 29th birthday (there are some exceptions for people aged 30-34)

If you are an officer, you can put your prior service and leadership experience to good use in federal and state Army Reserve assignments.

The Army Reserve allows you to attend school full-time or pursue a civilian career while serving your country.

Commitment: As a member of the Army Reserve, your commitment is to participate in one drill per month and one annual training session per year.

Hundreds Join Army Reserve Scheme

Drills: A drill consists of two training days per month. You will be paid for two days of training in a month plus 15 days of annual tour plus compensation for additional days. Your salary will automatically adjust as the cost of living increases. For every two years of accumulated service you will receive a salary increase and extra pay for special service. To calculate your exercise payment, visit the exercise calculator.

Annual Training: With increased reliance on reserves, more units are training in other countries and undertaking important and exciting missions. The annual training is 15 days a year. There may also be opportunities to request additional training days by participating in additional exercises or training.

Travel: As a member of the Reserve, you will have the opportunity to travel on and off duty. You can take advantage of free travel on space-facilitated flights in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Guam. For more information on travel options and benefits, see the Travel Center.

Life Insurance, Medical Care, Reemployment Rights: The Army Reserve provides comprehensive medical care while on duty. You are eligible for low cost service member group life insurance. You also get job security with reemployment rights that allow you to return to your civilian job after being ordered to active duty for training or a national emergency. For more information on these and other benefits, visit the booking help pages.

Former Soldiers To Be Called On To Join Reserve Force As Part Of Overhaul Of British Army, Says Report

Home Loan Program: Members of the Army Reserves with at least six years of service can apply for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Home Loan Guarantee Program. To learn more about this program, go to the home section.

Basic Facilities — You have access to all basic recreational facilities, including gyms, tennis courts and libraries. Your privileges also extend to the use of basic exchanges (BX) and commissaries. For more information about leisure and family benefits, see the Family and Personal Support Booking page.

Need more information? Fill out this form and recruiters will contact you about job opportunities. Great information with no strings attached.

We can put you in touch with recruiters from different branches. Learn about the benefits of serving your country, paying for school, career paths and more – sign up now and hear from a recruiter near you.

University Students May Join Military Reserve Program

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More Than 400 Young Soldiers Will Join The Ranks Of The Prepared Army Reserve

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