Army Warrant Officer Promotion Rates

Army Warrant Officer Promotion Rates – The Warrant Officer Recruiting Team is tasked with recruiting highly qualified part-time applicants who demonstrate the character, ability and commitment to serve as Army Joint and Combined Arms Warrant Officers and to maintain and exceed the Army’s skill set. “Serving in a Complex World” requires. . Warrant Officer Recruitment Mission

“The Army Warrant Officer Warrant is a trusted and applicable technical expert, combatant leader, trainer and advisor. Warrant Officers are innovative integrators of new technologies, dynamic educators, trusted warfighters and developers of special forces teams. WO1 – Beginner (Junior) CW2 – Intermediate (Junior) CW3 – Advanced (FG) CW4 – Senior (FG) CW5 – Master (SFG)

Army Warrant Officer Promotion Rates

US citizenship (no waiver) General Technical (GT) score of 110 or higher (no waiver) Possession of a high school diploma or GED (no waiver) Recent Secret or Top Secret security clearance (no interception; no waiver) Must have a minimum Have 12 months on contract of enlistment (*ETP available) Pass Commissioning Physical for Engineering or Flight Physical for Airmen (*Exemption / ETP available) Age: Engineer < 46 years / Airman < 33 Years at time of boarding package (*ETP available) Active Federal Service: 12 years at time of DA61 applicant signing (*ETP available) Pass the standard 3-event Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) and Meet Height/Weight Criteria – WAIVE-AWAYS/ETPS Details Case Given. Individual basis in exceptional circumstances and individual processing (not included). Applicants must submit the package from the first day of their desired board and add the maximum processing time for each exemption. Sister service/USAR/NG/AGR applicants are considered enlisted when entering active service. Single applicants with custody of minor children (under 18 years of age) or disabled children (over 18 years of age) are not eligible to apply.

Army, Navy, Air Force Promote 235 Officers

1 – Specialty (153A) Any MOS/Rank can apply. Qualified SIFT score (40+). Usually SGT or higher. Most require ALC. Must meet the experience requirements listed on the MOS pages of our website: Airman

120A Civil Engineering Engineers 12H, K, N, P, Q, R, T, W 125D Geospatial Engineering Engineers 12Y, 35F, G 131A Field Artillery Engineers B, C, 13B, J, F, M, R, 19D 140A Command and Control Systems Engineer 14E, G, H, P, S, 15P, Q, 29E 140K Air and Missile Defense Technician 14E, H, T 140L Air and Missile Defense Technician 14E, H, T, 94S 150A Air Traffic Control Technician 05Q15Q Unmanned Aerial Systems Technician 15E, 15W 151A Aviation Maintenance Technician All CMF 15 MOS (except 15P,Q) 153A Rotorcraft All MOS 170A Cyber ​​Operations Technician All MOS (CMF 17/25/35 250A Redic Technology , redic250. 29E , 13Fw/ASI 1J 255A Intelligence Technician All MOSs 255N Network Management Technician All MOSs 350F All Resources Intelligence Technician 35F 350G GEOINT Imagery Technician 35G 351L Counterintelligence Collection Technician 3MH 35M 352N SIGINT Analysis Technician 35G N, P 352S d SIGNAL COLLECTION TECHNICIAN 35S WO MOS MOS DESCRIPTION LISTED ARMY FEEDER MOSS HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANT MISSION Open to all MOSs provided requirements are met

Warrant Officer MOSs Continued (see website for major WO MOSs in each board) 353T Military Intelligence Systems Maintenance/Integration Technician 35T 420A Personnel Technician 42A 740A Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Technical Officer (Naferred48888) Pilot Program Open to all MOS 881A Marine Engineering Officer 88L, 12P W/ASI S2; The pilot program is open to all MOS 882A mobility officers 88N; For all MOS 890A Warrant Officer Weapons 89A, B, D 913A Warrant Officer Armor Systems Maintenance 91A, F, G, M; Pilot program with ASI A8, K8, J3 914A Allied Trades Warrant Officer 91E, X 915A Motor Maintenance Warrant Officer 91A, B, H, M, P, S, X 919A Engineering with 11B, 12B, F, 19D, Open to 19K Warrant Officer 91B, C, D, H, J, L; Electrical Systems Maintenance Officer 94D, E, F, H, M. R, W, Y, Z; 25S w/ Waiver 948D Electronic Missile Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer 94A, M, P, S, T, X, Z WO MOS MOS Description Listed Army Feeder MOSs Historically Important Mission Open to all MOSs Provided Conditions are met

Dependable, technical/tactical expert, moral and ethical decision-maker, self-reliant, mature, able to understand complex problems, mentally and physically strong

Promotion Boards To Receive Adverse Information Earlier When Considering Officers

Elite Cohort 3% of Army (Approximately 15,000 in RA) Officer Corps 21% Challenging Careers Technical Education and Training Rapid Advancement Potential Extended Career Path Long Core Assignments Excellent Salary and Retirement Here We Sell You the Program The program sells itself. Will not go over each of these points because – we will address each one individually. What I want to point out is the membership of the “small elite corps”. Communication with the branch manager. Few people to joke, to get what you want. Jobs, schools, places, etc… Incentives – They are many and not just based on money. Not a slide for “small elite corps”, note that WOs currently make up about 2.5% of the force. Note the ATLDP icon – let the prospect know about the study and that financial incentives will be greater in the future if all initiatives are accepted. (This is the only item that “dates” the slide deck.) 66 initiatives were proposed and more than 40 approved – now in DA for final approval. Next slide

White House Communications Agency White House Transportation Agency White House/Congressional Scholarship Training with Industry (TWI) Instructors (WOBC/WOAC/WOCC) WOCS TAC Officer Warrant Officer Recruiting Team Pentagon and Department of the Army TAFT ( Field Team Technical Assistance) opportunities are usually only taken when operational experience has been gained (usually Senior CW2 – Junior CW3).

GI Withholding Benefits for Bill (Post 9-11 or Montgomery) Benefits for Tuition Assistance (TA) Graduate Programs Army Logistics University, VA Naval Postgraduate School, MD National Defense University, DC Army Management Staff College, VA

WO FY17 97.3% 100.00% FY17 FY18 FY17 80.00% 89.9% AV 80.3% Tech 79.9% AV 88.1% Tech 35.2% AV 27.0% Tech 60.00% 420 0.00% 0.00% E-7 E-8 E -9 CW2 CW3 CW4 CW5 Source: Human Resources Command

Afc Warrant Officer Achieves Cw5 Rank

WO 97.3% FY17 100.00% MSgt 2018 SMSgt 2018 CMSgt 2017 80.00% 89.9% AV 80.3% Tech 79.9% AV 88.1% Tech 35.2% AV 27.00% AV 27.40% 26.00% Tech 22.04% 20.00% 11.8% 0.00% E-7 E-8 E-9 CW2 CW3 CW4 CW5 Source: myPERS/Human Resources Command

FY18 CPO 4, 357 FY17 5500 97.3% 4500 89.9% AV 80.3% Tech 79.9% AV 88.1% Tech 35.2% AV 27.0% Tech FY18 SCPO 1, 670265050505018 SCPO 0.00 E-7 E-8 E-9 CW2 CW3 CW 4 CW5 source : Naval Personnel Command / Human Resources Command

WO FY17 GySgt 2070 97.3% Total FY17 3000 89.9% AV 80.3% Tech 79.9% AV 88.1% Tech 2500 35.2% AV 27.0% Tech 2000 FY2018 SY2018 MSg19018000 E-7 E-8 E-9 KW2 KW3 KW4 KW 5 Source: Marines. mil/Human Resource Command

30+ years WO SVC *if promotion criteria met / Age 62 30 years 1SG (P) / MSG (P) and CSM/SGM Total years of active federal service 26 years 1SG/MSG 24 years SFC/SFC (P) 20 Years SSG / SSG (p)

Ordnance Warrant Officer Misassignment

Salary comparison based on January 2018 salary $8,607 8,000.00 W5 $7,000.00 6,910 $6,000 8 3 $ , 564 E7 $3,000.00 E6 $2,000.00 $1,000 $2,000.00 $1,000 $1,000 T1 ,000 $T1,000 $T1,000 $T1,000. $years TIS $years TIS Estimated Snapshot E-5 vs W1 at 6 years TIS = 933 $E-6 vs W1 at 8 years TIS = 728 $E-7 vs W1 at 10 years TIS = $365

W $3,173 (50%) E 2,338 (50%) W $4,506 (60%) E 3,361 (60%) W 6,778 (75%) E 5,464 (75%) + $840 + $1145 + $1314 Based on January 2018 salary

2 or less More than 2 More than 3 More than 4 More than 6 More than 14 More than 22 More than 23 More than 24 More than 25 $125 $156 $168 $REGTERCA $1880 $REGERCA Payment compensation 4 or less More than 8 4 More than 14 $150 $225 $350 $400

Last Date for Submission of WO Package (Check to Review Dates/Changes) Board Date – 60 Days Board Date – 30 Days Board Date – 14 Days Board Data Last Date for Correction of New Packages Last Date for Updates 23 – 27 July 18 May 18 June 2018 2018 July 9 2018 September 24 – 28 18 July 27 18 August 27 18 September 10 18 November 26 – 30 18 September 28 18 29 October 18 12 November 18 14 – 18 January 19 30 November 18 17 December 18 31 December 18 18 – 22 March 19 18 January 19 18 February 19 March 4, 19 May 13-17, 1919 March, 1919 April April 29, 19 July 15-19, 19 May 17, 19 June 17, 19 July 19, 19 September 16-20 19 July 19, 19 August 19, 19 September 2, 19 extended

Nigerian Army Chief Promotes Private Soldier For Accomplishing Tasks Above His Rank

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